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Primaluce Spot Correction Cream

Primaluce Spot Correction Cream

Triple action face cream that lightens, reduces the visibility of dark spots and prevents their reappearance, offering the skin protection on a day to day basis. Combines the Advanced White Complex with innovative uniforming technology. Precious microcapsules are activated when they come into contact with the epidermis, releasing mineral pigments that adapt to all skin tones to give radiance and perfection to the complexion.


Advanced White Complex, Microencapsulated Mineral Pigments, Vitamin E, Panthenol


In the morning apply a thin layer of the product onto the face, neck and décolletage and massage until absorbed. We recommend using it in combination with the Spot Serum Localized Concentrate for a more intense action.


    $175.00 Regular Price
    $140.00Sale Price

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