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Toskani Aquabalance Mesoserum

Toskani Aquabalance Mesoserum

SKU: TKAquaBalanceMesoserum

The TOSKANI Aquabalance Mesoserum is an advanced serum formulated to treat dehydrated skin and prevent the first signs of ageing. It has been designed as a home-care treatment and it is the perfect partner to anti-ageing treatments (biological age up to 35) carried out in professional beauty centers. TOSKANI Aquabalance Mesoserum has a high concentration of active ingredients that have a fast and deep effect and it's an intensive hydrating serum that delivers deep hydration with prolonged effect. Its advanced combination of hyaluronic acids (medium and low molecular weight) helps to increase moisture for deep hydration, necessary to support skin’s elasticity. This advanced serum also contains Proteoglycans and Vitamin C that retain moisture and provide antioxidant action.Indications: Young skin (biological age up to 35), Mild and moderate wrinkles, Fine lines and superficial wrinkles, Dehydrated skin, Dull skin, Sensitive skin.


Australia is now one of the fastest growing regions for the Toskani brand. Toskani Global were able to support us with more competitive pricing which we are passing onto you as our valued client.


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