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Product Image of Toskani Nutritive Scrub

Toskani Nutritive Scrub

SKU: TK Nutritive Scrub

Ideal for dry or ageing skin, the TOSKANI Nutritive Scrub contains Rosa Mochata oil, seeds and vitamin E that effectively smooth skin and reduce imperfections for a healthier, younger looking appearance. This scrub leaves skin feeling refreshed, visibly cleaner and softer with a healthy glow that you will fall in love with.


  • Removes dead superficial cells
  • Smoothes and nourishes dry and sensitive skin
  • Helps to renovate skin
  • Provides whitening and purifying effect


Australia is now one of the fastest growing regions for the Toskani brand. Toskani Global were able to support us with more competitive pricing which we are passing onto you as our valued client.