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Stem Cell Regenerating Micro Needling Pack

Stem Cell Regenerating Micro Needling Pack

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Boost your Micro Needling treatment with regenerating plant stem cells, bio active peptides and collagen builder. The most prestigious ageing line was created with 3 remarkable ingredients for 3 incredible actions. Working in combination to regenerate, firm & protect our skin to regain youthful vitality

Pack includes:

1mm Micro Needling Roller, Alcohol Swabs,Bioline AG3 Serum, Bioline AG3 Cream, FREE Bioline Delicate Cleanser and Toner


1. Cleanse & tone the skin

2. Wipe over the area with alcohol swabs

3. Roll the area with firm enough pressure that it pierces the skin

4. Press the Regenerative Serum into the skin

Post Treatment (treat your face every morning and evening with following routine):

1. Cleanse and tone with Delicate cleanser and toner

2. Apply AG3 Regenerating serum

3. Moisturise with AG3 cream

4. Avoid sun exposure for 1 month, do not use make-up for 24-48 hours post needling

Full instructions will come with your pack.


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