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Info about our Brows and Beauty Specialists

Eyebrows define and frame our faces as well as our personalities which is why we enhance and shape your brows with every brow service. Beautiful brows can instantly lift your face, which is why it's important to map out your brows and have them shaped to flatter your face shape and give you beautiful definition. All of our Beauty Specialists have undergone years of professional training to achieve the perfect brow shape. At Smooth Beauty we specialise in eyebrow shaping, eyebrow tinting, brow lamination, and brow henna. We offer the perfect treatment to achieve the best eyebrow shape for your face.


Brow Treatments

Brow Shape                            $35

Brow Tint                                 $23

Brow Shape + Tint                $54

Mens Brow Shape                $38

Brow Henna + Shape          $80

Brow Lamination & Shape

Lamination + Tint                 $110

Lamination + Henna           $160

TRIO                                         $69

Brow Shape & Tint + Lash Tint

Master Artist (Shireen)

Brow Shape                           $45

Brow Shape + Tint               $69

TRIO                                         $89

Brow Shape & Tint + Lash Tint

Brow Lamination + Tint     $129

Brow Shape + Henna          $99

Brow Bleaching, Tone, Shape


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