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Brow Tattoo FAQs

Microblading is ........ (description) and performed by 

How often will I need to touch up my brows?

Most clients need two sessions for the initial treatment brow design to be achieved. This is because we like to take baby steps in building your dream brows. Touch ups are approximately yearly, depending on skin type and lifestyle. Oiler skin may need more frequent touch up tp drier skin.

What to expect at my appointment?

You will receive a very detailed consultation, including skin analysis and a unique brow design, mapped out to enhance your existing brow shape and brow bone structure. Even if you have little to no hairs, there are contours of the face we use as a guide to mapping the most beautiful and flattering shape.

The treatment time can vary depending on each client.

When you arrive pre-numb, it will take 30mins out of the waiting time prior to design.


The type of microblading technique your Brow Artist has chosen to suit you an vary depending on skin type and design. Your brow artist may use a disposable hand-tool with single-use sterile nano needles or a machine for different implantation of pigment. This can include many looks from strokes, combo brow, powdered, misting and ombré. 

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Guide to Pre-Numbing?

Preparing your skin

(leading up to appointment and day of appointment)

Brow Tattoo Aftercare

Check list of how to care for your brows

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