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Our team of expertly-skilled Cosmetic Tattoo Artists, have the artistic ability and experience to create individualised semi-permanent makeup looks that look real.

By simulating hair strokes in eyebrows, creating the natural shading and contours of one lips or enhancing the lash-line with an eyeliner tattoo, the Smooth Beauty Cosmetic Tattoo Artists can effectively improve their client's lives.
Having a deep understanding of skin and colour matching, set the team at Smooth above the rest.



Gifted in individually sculpting and designing brows to rejuvenate the face with microbladed hairstrokes and look barely detectable as a tattoo, is a the ultimate talent of our Master Brow Artist Shireen. Adding brow strokes to gappy brows is the Smooth Beauty speciality.



Lip Blushing is the newest technique to semi-permanent lip colouring. It involves lightly implanting colour pigment into the lip, to create a soft blushed look. This treatment perfect for those who have lost their natural lip colour and need an even tone or contouring to make the lip appear fuller. As we age the vermillion border can fade and we loose the contrast in demarcation between the lip and the adjacent normal skin.

Dark lip nuetralisation and dark spot concealing is a corrective technique, which should only be performed by the most experienced Cosmetic Tattoo Artists, who have perfected the techniques over years. Our Lip specialist Olga brings a wealth of knowledge, with the latest pigments and techniques from the Ukraine to Bondi.


Creating the illusion of a fuller lashline works wonders to open and enhance the eyes. There are many techniques and designs for adding pigment to the upper and lower lash lines. From a dusting of colour, to a bold liner, a subtle wing or pigment implanted the lashline, our Cosmetic Tattooists can design your liner style and colour to enhance your unique eyes.  




Lip Blushing




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